Which Heat Press Machine is Best OR Worth Buying?

Multifunction Heat Press Machine

Getting confused due to various options of Heat press machine?. Don’t worry we will make the selection easy for you.

We will compare all types of heat presses for you to make the buying decision easier for you. A heat press is a machine that applies pressure to two surfaces to create a permanent bond between them. 

The heat presser can be used to make many types of items, such as hats, mugs, plates, and T-shirts. It is commonly used by screen printers and sublimation printing businesses who need to apply logos and designs on T-shirts or other goods. It can also be used for promotional purposes, such as giving away promotional items with the company’s logo printed.

5 in 1 Heat Pressing Device

5 in 1 Heat Press machine is a kind of equipment that can be used for designing customized goods. It can be used for ceramics, glass, and textile materials like linen, cotton, nylon, chemical fibers, etc.

The five-in-one Heat Press appliance is invented to produce different products with different materials and design requirements. The heating process is controlled by a PLC system with a temperature range from 150℃-250℃.

The heat press machine can create many different products like mugs, plates, Tee-shirts, and other customised gifts. The machine provides a great way to make personalized gifts with your own design on it. The top 6 Best Heatpress machines for t-shirts and other products are reviewed in the following post. Best Sublimation Printers for T-shirts

5 in 1 heat pressing machine comes with 5 heat press plates designed separately for each item. Such as,

Dedicated plates of the machine

  • 1 hat/ cap press
  • 1 t-shirt press plate
  • 1 mug press
  • 2 plates for making ceramic plates

But these above items are not the only things that can be created by 5 in 1 heat press device. You can also make coasters, tiles, mouse pads, bibs, puzzles, and many more customized items. 

6 in 1 Heat Press Machine

Now, many brands have introduced the updated version of 5-in-one heat press equipment which offers 1 extra plate. The extra plate is dedicated especially for tote bags after identifying the popularity of tote bag sublimation fashion. 

Dedicated plates of 6-in 1 Pressing Machine

  • 1x hat press
  • 1 x t-shirt press plate
  • 1 x mug press / Tumbler Press
  • 1 x tote bags press
  • 2 x plate presses for making ceramic plates

It’s important to know that the 6-in-1 heat pressing instrument is not just a one-trick pony. It has many uses and can be used for different purposes. The 6-in-1 heat press machine is a must-have for any printing business. It can be used to print on various materials, including tee shirts, mugs, and even phone cases. The six-in-one heat presser machine is an essential device for any printing business because it allows them to print on various materials with ease.

8 in 1 Heat Pressing Equipment

This is also another upgraded version of previous pressing heat devices. 8 in 1 device is nothing more than a similar version of the above ones. But the only difference is it provides the convenience to the business to perform more than 1 task at a time. Because it includes more than 1 plate for every task. So, you can design more than 1 mug at a time and the same is the case with other products. 

Plates of 8 in 1 Machine

  • 1 x Cap/ Hat Press
  • 1 x Shirt Press
  • 4 x Mug/ Cup Presses/ Tumbler Press
  • 2 x Plate Presses

It is a perfect time to invest in an 8 in 1 heatpress. Its specialty is 4 types of mug presses. 

Cone shaped mugs Press: For those who want to enjoy their coffee or tea in a more sophisticated way. They are not just for kids anymore!

Espresso cup Press: For those who need an extra shot of caffeine in the morning, this mug will do the trick.

Latte Mug Press: This mug is perfect for those who like their coffee or tea with a little bit of milk and sugar. It is also great for those who prefer their drink on the sweeter side.

Large Tapered Mug Press: This mug is perfect for those who need to take their coffee or tea on the go. 

Now make your business flourish with a variety of products offering. 

Comparison between Heat Pressing Machines (8-in-1 Vs. 5-in-1)

Comparison between Heat Pressing Machines

The only advantage of 8-in-1 equipment over 5-in-1 is it has more plates for one specific product for different shapes. For example, an eight-in-one machine for heat press offers 4 types of mug pressing but in 5-in-1 you will only have 1 mug pressing plate. 

Final Verdict

We recommend you if you are going to buy the heat presser for home use then five-in-one heat applying machine is more than enough for you. But if you are going to buy this device for commercial or business use then you should invest in an 8-in-1 device. 

For purchasing a heat press machine you can use the following guide: Multifunction HeatPresses Comparison

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