Features of A Good Sublimation Printer

Decided to buy a sublimation printer? Don’t know how to buy the best printer? Don’t worry we are here with a list of features of sublimation printer. Well, that’s a tough question as there are a lot of brands to choose from. They each have their own strengths. Therefore picking the best sublimation printer for … Read more

How to use Heat Press Machine? User Guide

A heat press machine is most commonly used to stick our company label, a quote that inspires us, or something else that we like onto our apparel. It comes as a no brainer as to why there is so much traction around heat press machines. Why they are so popular these days? Most companies (even … Read more

How to Use Transfer Paper for Sublimation?

Transfer paper is a kind of paper that is usually used for the process of sublimation. How transfer paper works?  It is a type of sublimation special paper or plastic film that is coated with a layer of wax. It is usually a thin, transparent, and flexible paper. There are many ways to use transfer … Read more

Why is My Sublimation not Transferring? | Complete Guide |

Facing the sublimation not transferring problem? Here is the solution to your problem.  Sublimation is the process of using a heat source to convert a substance from a solid to a gas without melting it. This is done with clothes by printing them onto the surface and applying pressure. Transferring is the process of exposing … Read more

Sublimation Printer Printing Lines Issue | Tips and Solution |

Is your sublimation printer printing lines or dots? Don’t worry this is a common problem in sublimation.  The sublimation printer printing horizontal lines problem is an issue that many people have encountered. Here are the most common causes and solutions to this issue. Why printer is creating horizontal lines when printing?  There are numerous reasons … Read more