ClamShell HeatPress Machine & its Advantages Vs. Swing Away

Going to buy a heat press machine for your sublimation business. We will suggest buying a clamshell heatpress machine and here is the answer to why?

ClamShell HeatPress Machine

A clamshell heat press machine is a small, handheld device that is used to seal ink onto fabric. The Clam Shell Heat Press Machine is a versatile and affordable machine perfect for small businesses, crafters, start-ups, or anyone who doesn’t want to invest in a larger machine. When we talked about all the different types of heat press devices, we mentioned that the best models are actually a combination of two different types.

What is a ClamShell Heat Press?

As the name implies itself, in this design the upper plate opens up like a clamshell. If you have ever tried to opon up a clamshell on your own, you would soon realize how strong and powerful these things are. This can only mean one thing; With the clamshell design, you can sleep tightly as you know that your imprint will stick permanently.

What is a Swing Away Heat Press?

Someone was very creative when attributing the different types of designs available for a press machine. As a rule of thumb, we can see that they differ based on the relationship between the upper and underplatter. This design dictates that the upper platen literally swings away from the lower one, allowing for precision and control, which this type is mostly revered for!

That is all well and good. But what we are actually going to be delving into today are the main points for the two models facing off:

Clamshell Vs. Swing-away heatpress machine

Starting heatpressing with the clamshell model. We have listed down the top five features that make this type of machine preferable to the latter one.

Clamshell Vs. Swing-away heatpress machine

Advantages of ClamShell HeatPress Device

1) No Wasted Time

As the entire process is automatic and already thought-out, the clamshell machine wins by simplicity. The way it operates allows for exactly matched swings. It prevents any sort of scorching.

2) Design Safes Massive Amounts Of Space

One of the biggest problems with bringing a heat press machine home would be space. Where do I put that damn thing? Solutions vary, some of them being less promising than others, such as giving up on the project entirely or letting your machine take up your living grounds.

Just a heads up. This is NEVER a good idea as it sweeps the main problem under the rug and adds a few more to the fray. The most viable alternative in such an intricate situation would have to be to opt for a clamshell machine. As they, by design, take up to 50% less space than their counterparts.

3) Sleek Interface Allows For A User-Friendly Experience

Most manual clamshell machines are out of quarantine and almost never used. This, in return, means that important features of the heat press are almost always present. Such as temperature readings, pressure control, and an integrated timer interface. With the semi-automatic models being the biggest players currently on the market, you can rest assured that they will allow you to enjoy the handiest of experiences!

4) Perfect For The Newbie

We have already mentioned the simplicity of the clamshell press. With a simple motion, apparel gets labeled and so it goes on and on. Most beginners are still trying to figure things out. The more complex a manufacturer makes it, the more they are stepping on their own foot as there aren’t many experts roaming the streets. Not for the heat press machine to say the least.

5) Less Fatigue On Your Poor Hands

If you are not used to strenuous physical work. Or don’t have the necessary endurance to go through hours of heat pressing. You will look after the model which gives your hands the most comfort. That would have to be the clamshell one. As most of them utilize a magnetic lockdown function, adding another point to the automatization of the entire process.

Sum Up

To sum up, each side of the coin has its benefits and drawbacks. While it may look grim for the swing-away heat press as of now, one should listen to both sides before deciding which one gives the most bang for their buck.

You can have a look at our experts’ selected best heat-press machines to get some best options for you.


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