A Clogged Sublimation Printer: What Can Be Done to Fix it? OR Unclog It?

A clogged sublimation printer is a problem that can occur due to the dryness of ink in the printer nozzles.

Clogged Sublimation Printer

Dye sublimation printers are devices that use dye inks and sublimate the surfaces. But sometimes these inks got dry and clog the ink nozzle of the printing machine which can affect your sublimation. With special care, you can solve these sublimation printing problems without professional help. Now you are curious about how you can do that? 

Don’t worry if you are facing this problem then we came up with the step-by-step guide to unclog your sublimation printing device. Not only the solution we will also let you know the steps by which you can save your printer from too frequent clogging. Let’s first discuss the solution to the problem.

Steps to Unclog Sublimation Printer

In this section, we will try to answer the question of how you can unclog a clogged sublimation printing apparatus. This is a common problem with these printers. The ink is not flowing as it should and this can cause some serious problems for the printer.

Unplug Clogged Sublimation Printer

If you want to fix your clogged sublimation printer, then there are a few steps that you should take before you get started. You need to make sure that you have all of the tools and supplies that you will need. The first thing that needs to be done is unplug the power cord from the outlet and any other cords or cables from the back of your machine for printing. 

Clean Outer Surface

Next, if there is any ink inside of it, then it needs to be removed manually by wiping down all surfaces until they are dry with a paper towel. You must also clean out the cartridge slots and make sure that they are free of any ink before you put new cartridges in.

Discard Cartridges

The next thing that needs to be done is plugging the power cord into the outlet while turning on your printer in order to power it up and get it ready for use again. After this, discard the ink cartridges from your clogged printer and replace them with new ones. 

Replace new Cartridges

After placing the new cartridges into the slots, you also need to open up the top cover of your ink chamber and make sure that it is clear of any residual ink that may be inside it. This step will ensure that your printer is working at full capacity once again. Lastly, you should now close up the top cover, and the printing device is ready to sublimate again. 

A guide to sublimation printer maintenance

sublimation printer maintenance

Keep the Printer Clean

Keeping your printer clean will not only extend its lifespan, but it will also help produce high-quality prints with less chance of jams or other malfunctions.

Use the right Ink

The type of ink you use in your printer can have an effect on the quality and longevity of your printer. It is important to purchase ink specifically designed for sublimation printers, as well as to make sure that you are using the correct type and color for what you are printing (e.g., black vs matte black. 

Use the right sublimation paper

Sublimation paper is a special type of paper only used by printers for sublimation. Make sure you always use the correct paper otherwise it may also impact your printing gadget and block it. 

Maintenance on a regular basis 

This is also as important for your printer as you value your money. Because if you will not keep the regular maintenance of your inkjet printer it might malfunction or even can stop working permanently. In that case, you have to invest again and buy a new one. 

These above mentioned tips and tricks will help you to maintain your sublimation printer without getting clogged.

How to clean Epson Sublimation Printer?

Final Verdict

Sublimation inkjet printers are multifunctioning machines that help you to create a variety of goods. But these machines also need proper care which helps to increase the life span of your electronic device. 


Do sublimation printers get clogged?

Yes, it is a common problem with the sublimation printers that the ink gets clogged in it. But don’t worry we have the solution which will help you to save your printer from recurring clogging. 

Why the Epson Printer for Sublimation is not sublimating? Even the ink is full?

The problem can be ink clogging. Sometimes ink gets stuck in the ink nozzles when you don’t use the printer for a long time. It’s not a big issue. You can see our guide to unclog your sublimation apparatus. 

How to declog a dye-sublimation printer?

To unclog the dye printer you just need to clean the nozzle of dried inks and it will again start working. For detailed process of unclogging you can use our step by step guide discussed above.

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