Best Commercial Heat Press Machine

A commercial heat press machine is a powerful and durable solution for screen printing, embossing, and other projects.

Let’s be real for a moment here, this is not child’s play.

TUSY Heat Press Machine Review

You are not going to be searching for a commercial heat press machine unless you are a company that needs to deal with a large batch of apparel. This sort of massive imprinting is always a hurdle on the person being assigned. Actually make the purchase as a bad move could mean the loss of a hefty investment. This puts a huge strain on the company. Coming up with a good decision can oftentimes prove as very difficult.

You don’t need to despair, as we have been testing and reviewing heat press machines ever since the first one came out. We know the in’s and out’s of a heat press and we will help you in your struggle! Before starting let us make you clear that our expert team has took almost 2 and half months in searching and testing the best swing away heat press machines. After using many heating presses we found the best one.

To not sugarcoat things any longer, here is the best commercial heat press machine on the market as of now.

15×15 TUSY Heat Press Machine

When I first saw it from afar, I thought that I was presented with a space machine. Were the aliens invading or was this by far the slickest design I have yet to encounter?

You be the judge of that. It’s manufactured by TUSY, the leading innovator and vendor for all kinds of heat press machines!

This fact definitely helped me build confidence in my purchase. And the 2-year warranty on all the major components of course!

I also liked how much care the company put into making sure that their customer knew what they were doing; Their manuals were big and nice to read, not some boring old black on white text.

15x15 TUSY Heat Press Machine

What We Liked About This Product

The Pressure Was ALWAYS Even

When it comes to large batches that have to be made, pressure all around the machine has to be even during prolonged periods of time. Any machine can boast that their pressure is evenly spread and demonstrate it on one or two examples. But could they do the same if the number was in the hundreds or thousands?!

I believe that they would fail miserably and that is why this was the first thing that caught my radars as I was playing with the machine. Its high thread ability ensured that nothing could disrupt the pressure during the entire process, which made me infatuated on the spot!

The Control Screen

There is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing that pisses me off more than a control screen. A screen that cannot show me more than two features at a time. I’m not sure why companies wanted to save space on such an important detail. Especially considering the amount of care a press machine in high gear needs to have!

On the other hand, this model enabled me to see a variety of different modules on the desktop. Such as the current temperature, set temperature, the date and current time, amount of press and much, much more!

The Unique Styles

Style has always been a sort of subjective topic that I don’t like to delve into too much. But I’ m not here just talking about the design. I’m pointing out the fact that this is one of the first machines that features two styles, making it a two in one purchase! Want a draw type in one moment and a swing-type in the other? This heat press machine allows it all to happen!

TUSY Heat Press 15x15 Machine Review

What Improvements TUSY Heat Press need?

I was trying really hard to come up with something. I almost took the machine apart in order to just find one glimmer, one clue that I could use against it. It was to no avail. So I took a closer look at the specifications on the manual, which made me realize that it was run on a 120V power cord. I have always believed that more power is better, so I would love to see a stronger cord in the future!

Final Verdicts

This heat press gave me troubles once I had to decide what things I felt like could be improved upon so you can already imagine how happy I’m to be able to review this machine.

I would recommend it to all companies that are SERIOUS about their business and its practices, take good care of it and enjoy this wonderful piece of technology!

Happy Sublimation 🙂


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