Is Sublimation Ink Waterproof? |Is Sublimation Printing Waterproof|

Confused! If the sublimation printing is waterproof or not. To answer this question first find out if sublimation ink is waterproof.

Just read this article and hopefully, all your questions will be cleared.

Sublimation printing waterproof

Sublimation printing is inkjet printing that uses heat to transfer ink from a ribbon onto a substrate. This can be paper or fabric. Sublimation printers have been around since the early 1980s, but they weren’t popular until the late 1990s when they became more affordable. Along with affordability, it has many other advantages as well.

But here the question is, is it water resistant or not? If water resistant then how durable it is?

What is meant by waterproof printing?

A long time back it was impossible to have waterproof prints. The only way to make the print water-resistant was to laminate it or apply the fixative sprays. However, due to innovation and technological advancement, it became possible. 

Now there are different ways to make the print waterproof. Waterproof printing is the process of printing images on paper that is resistant to water.

The process of waterproof printing involves the use of ink that is resistant to water and a printer with the ability to produce images on paper. The printed images are then coated with a clear protective coating which makes them waterproof and prevents them from being smudged or erased by water.

Is sublimation ink waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof. There are many reasons why people choose sublimation over other printing methods. One of them is that sublimation ink which has high quality and it’s waterproof. Sublimation inks are not affected by water. So they can be used for outdoor advertising and other purposes where there are wet surfaces like rain or snow.

sublimation ink waterproof

As the results in the picture show, there was no fading or any change after the water was put on the sublimation design. It means sublimation printing is waterproof.

Is sublimation printing durable?

Sublimation printing is durable and does not wear off with time. Therefore, it is still an excellent choice for business cards and photo prints. As it is a type of printing process that uses heat to transfer a dye onto a surface. The process is used for various purposes, including decoration, textile printing, and medical imaging.

Can You Sublimate on Waterproof Fabric?

It can be used on any surface that is capable of taking on the dye color including waterproof fabric. Sublimation can be done on rayon, spandex, business cards, photo prints, and other items with high-quality images.

Sublimation on waterproof fabric

Is sublimation printing permanent?

Actually yes, because it is less vulnerable to fading and has a plus point to be water resistant. It is because in this process the ink is implanted into the material and not just simply lay above the surface of the material. 

Are sublimation stickers waterproof?

Sublimation stickers are waterproof. The ink will not dissolve and the colors will not run. The same technique of sublimation printing is used to print the stickers. As we discussed already that the sublimation inks are water resistant and it makes the stickers also waterproof. 

sublimation stickers waterproof

As you can see in the picture we prove it live at our place. The sublimated stickers were water resistant. After putting the sticker into water it was the same. We also rubbed the sticker but no effect or fading happen.


The conclusion is that sublimation printing is waterproof. Only make sure that you use the correct water-resistant sublimation inks otherwise you may not get the correct results. As there are many types of inks available in the market for sublimation and some cannot be waterproof.


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