Printer Paper Types & Sizes | How to Select Right Printing Paper? |

Printer paper types are an integral part of printing. There are several different papers to choose from. We have a guide for you.

Printer Paper Types

You can have a bright white finish to the paper, a particular weight of printing paper, or a special size that will make all the difference to your job. Different printing projects will require different sorts of paper.

Printer Paper Size

If you want to make a good impression on a client, you can use heavier paper than the standard 20lb. This will make your letter look better and will tell the customer that you care about them. Printing paper types also include different finishes. The bright white finish will also give your printing job a better look and bring out the text better. This can be done for black and white copies and color ones. It will make a presentation or letter to your customer look much more impressive.

Menu Paper Size & Type

This is just one example of how the weight of printing paper and finish can make a difference to your printing job. Heavier paper can be used for different jobs like menus. This will prevent bleeding of the ink and allow for double printing. The menu will be stiffer and not get crushed with a large amount of handling it will receive. Sometimes menus are placed on stands at tables or given to customers and they will need to be made of sturdy paper for this purpose. Therefore, always use waterproof menu paper type.

Business Card Printer Paper

Business cards are a popular printing job. It is most important that you use the right printer paper types for this purpose. The weight of printing paper will be significant as you do not want your cards to look flimsy. Usually, 80lb weight of paper is used as a business card paper type. You can do these business cards yourself if you have a heavy-duty printer that will not suffer strain from the heavier paper.

Alternatively, you can take your order to the printing shop, or else you can order it online. The finish on the paper will also be significant. If your business card paper glossy or have a bright white finish will make your business card stand out. it is very necessary for your card to be original and look better than the majority of business cards so that your card does not get trashed.

Photo Paper Type

Photos are another instance where you will need to pay attention to the finish and weight of the printing paper. Photos are usually copied onto glossy paper that is slightly heavier paper especially colored images. A bright white finish will bring out the photo and make it very lifelike. Matte finish can also be used but will give the photo a slightly duller appearance. Generally, the whiter the finish n the paper the more the photo will stand out.

How to select Best Paper for Printing?

The different types of paper will make a big difference to the job that you are doing. So understanding the printing paper types will help you to choose the right sort of paper for your printing project. With these points, you will get a better picture of what sort of paper is available for your project. The higher the weight of the printing paper is  \the heavier it will be.

Basic Printer Paper

Basic printing jobs will use 20lb standard paper. Along with the best paper, you also must have a good printer to get high-quality results. As 20Ib is the basic size of the printers. But according to your demands and requirement, you can use more or fewer sizes.

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