Sublimation on Stainless Steel |Step by Step Guide to Sublimate Tumblers|

Sublimation on Stainless Steel

Sublimation of stainless steel products is a very useful idea in the world of innovation. Now you can prepare your customized products. 

There are many reasons these stainless steel products sublimation such as tumblers, mugs, etc., have become so popular. The most significant advantage is that they can be personalized with your logo or design. Tumblers are a great way to promote your brand, and Sublimate offers the most professional-looking tumblers on the market.

This article will give you the step-by-step process to do sublimation on Stainless steel tumblers.

Step by Step Guide for Stainless Steel Tumbler Sublimation

Step 1: Design and preparation

Make sure you have a design that is ready to be printed and that you have all of your supplies ready. This includes the tumbler, ink, heat-press, printer paper, and inkjet printer. Make sure you have all the necessities available before starting the process. Design is also important to fit your requirements. If you have selected a design to print make sure that design dimensions fit your stainless steel products. 

Step 2: Print

Before printing the stainless steel the design must be printed on special paper called sublimation paper. Print your design on sublimation paper, with the help of the Good Dye- Sublimation Printer. Cut the printed design according to the required surfaced dimensions. 

Step 3: Place it on stainless steel

Now when you have printed design available on the sublimation sheet. The next, step is to fix the design on the tumblers, mugs, or any steel products. For fixing the design on your required products you can use heat tape. Heat tape will fix the place of your design otherwise you may destroy the design while printing it. 

Step 4: Heat pressing

For heat pressing after placing the design on the tumbler now apply the heat on it. To transfer heat, you can use a heat transfer machine. For the design to shift from paper to the required product apply the 400 C of heat for only 60 seconds. 

Step 5: Remove Sublimation paper

For safety use heat gloves to remove the tumbler or any product from the heat transfer machine. After removing it from the heat press machine don’t immediately touch the sublimated product it may ruin the design. Let it get cool for a while and your product is ready. 

Benefits of Sublimation on Stainless Steel 

There are many benefits of sublimation on stainless steel. For one, it prevents corrosion and rusting. The surface becomes smoother and has no scratches or dents, which will make it more durable than other metals. 

Advantages of Sublimation on Stainless Steel


Stainless steel sublimation is a very satisfying and interesting procedure. By steel product sublimation you can prepare the customized products for your loved ones. For example, if you want to gift on valentines’ day, fathers day, mothers day, or birthday you can use this method to prepare customized mugs, tumblers, keychains, etc. Just follow the above-explained step-by-step procedure and you are good to go. 

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