How to Use Transfer Paper for Sublimation?

Transfer paper is a kind of paper that is usually used for the process of sublimation.

transfer paper

How transfer paper works? 

It is a type of sublimation special paper or plastic film that is coated with a layer of wax. It is usually a thin, transparent, and flexible paper. There are many ways to use transfer sheets for sublimation. The most common one is to print out a design onto the transfer paper. Then use it as an inking plate for the process of sublimation printing.

Before starting to explain the usage of sublimation printing paper you need some supplies. Let’s first gather the below listed supplies to use your paper for transferring. 

Supplies Required

  1. A good dye sub printer
  2. Craft Paper
  3. A Heating press
  4. Heat Resistant tape
  5. A sublimation blank to transfer design

How to use transferring sheets in sublimation?

In sublimation, transfer sheets can be used in different ways. For example, it can be used with vinyl, with Cricut, or with a simple sublimation printer to transfer the stencil to the required blank. As it can be used to create a printed design on the fabric by applying it to the fabric and then ironing it on. Our guide will show you how to use transfer paper to create a crisp, clean stencil.

The most common way to use transfer paper is by ironing it onto the back of your fabric. Then cut out the design. You can also use it as a stencil to paint or stamp through.

How to use transfer paper with vinyl?

The transfer sheet is often used with vinyl because the ink will not clog up the machine. As it is a thin sheet of paper that is coated with a special ink. You can use sublimation sheets to create images on almost any surface, and it will not damage the surface. 

The sublimation paper transfer needs to be cut into a wide so that it will fit in your printer. Then you need to place it on top of your image and print it out onto the vinyl using a sub printer.

After that, with the help of a heat presser or iron, you can convert that printed vinyl. It can be converted onto fabric, metal, wood, or any sublimation possible surface. 

How to use transfer paper without printer?

Transfer paper is a type of paper that can be used to copy images or text from one surface to another. This paper is typically used when a printer is not available. There are a few ways to transfer the image onto transfer paper: 

  • Use a pencil or pen to manually draw your design on sheets to transfer. 
  • If want color prints you can use ballpoints of different colors to get desired stencils
  • Another way would be to simply place the image face down on the transfer paper and rub it until the image transfers onto it.

How to use transfer paper on a shirt?

Transferring paper can be used to transfer an image onto a variety of fabric surfaces. This sheet is usually made of a thin, translucent material that is coated with a layer of wax or resin. The linen has a design on one side that you want to transfer onto the fabric. The surface of the fabric is coated with a special type of paint called sizing, which will help the transfer work.

How to use transfer paper

The process starts by placing the design side down on the surface and heating it with a heat press machine or iron machine until it adheres to the surface and leaves an impression behind.

The above picture shows the use of transfer paper. The image shows the paper on the before side of the picture which is printed with the help of a printer. In the after image, the design has been transferred to the shirt with the use of transfer paper.

How to use transfer paper on wood?

The use of transfer linen is the same for wood as it was for fabric. First, ready your paper with a printed design. Now put the paper on the wooden material. Apply heat and boom your design is transferred from transferring linen to the wood. 

Final Verdicts

Transfer sheets are used to transfer any type of design from your screen to your required material. These sublimation sheets transfers the picture from paper to fabric, wood, metal, glass, etc. So, these linens are very helpful in sublimation processing. Without these sheets, sublimation printers can’t transfer designs directly.


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